about us

What the hell is Jhofffilms?

JHOFFFILMS was started in 2013 by Julian Hoffman and Eli Karpinsky. The two began making parody videos of heavy metal singers on Youtube, starring Eli as KARPIZZLE. With Eli fronting the channel, Julian was the mastermind behind the scenes. As their popularity began to grow, more people started to join the channel such as Michael 'Primz' Primiani and Chris Soutsos in starring roles. (As well as a slew of secondary characters).

Jhofffilms continued to create comedy videos based on metal music, getting featured in almost every known metal news agency such as Metal Hammer, Metalsucks, Metal Injection, Alternative Press, Loudwire and so forth as well as collaborating with countless bands from the metal scene including the Grammy award winning band 'Ghost'. 

For the last couple years, the channel has been run by both Julian and Chris which is when the channel really found it's footing.  As of 2019 the channel has 120,000 subscribers and counting. They've begun to branch off and create more content such as horror films and explore more comedic opportunities. 

Jhofffilms is always looking to collaborate and work with other bands/channels. Julian is currently promoting his award winning short film Revenge of the Slasher in hopes to create more just like it. If you think your brand/idea is well suited to fit Jhofffilms then don't hesitate to get in touch! 




Julian started the channel in 2013. He writes, directs and produces every single video that's been uploaded to the channel since the beginning of time. Some fans are not even aware that he exists because of his ghost like personality. Occasionally he will appear in a video, depending on the weather that day. 

Studying screenwriting in university, Julian has been aiming to bring higher quality production to the channel and mix in more horror elements such as The Sickness and Poser Box.

Chris Soutsos


Chris joined the channel in 2015. While they had garnered mild fame and success, Chris starred in the first video to really blow up over the internet. Ever since, Chris has earned a permanent place in the channel, creating content along side Julian and starring in videos. 

He is also known for his love of beer and Exodus. 

Eli 'Karpizzle' Karpinsky


Eli started the channel with Julian in 2013 with the highly popular "How to be a Metal Vocalist" series, co-writing and starring in the videos. 

Eli went on to make many videos with the channel but no character was ever as popular as Karpizzle. Fans still ask about him to this day. Nowadays you can find Eli producing music on soundcloud with his Youtube days behind him but he does make an appearance on the channel every so often. 

Michael 'Primz' Primiani


Primz became popular on the channel back in 2014 for his character work, doing impressions of metal musicians such as Phil Anselmo, Lars Ulrich, James Hetfield, Maynard James Keenan and more. 

Nowadays Primz is doing stand up comedy around the Toronto area but he will pop in to the channel every so often to do a parody of Rob Zombie or reprise his role as the infamous Papa Emeritus.